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IJEME Vol.3, No.1, Jan. 2013

Comparative Research of Network Addiction Control Strategy among China and foreign countries

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GeJian Ding,GeJian Ding

Index Terms

Network addiction;control;China;foreign countries;compare


With the rapid development of Internet, network addiction becomes a global problem. In the foreign countries, the government occupies an leading position. People take education as the main method, and pay great attention to precaution. As a result, these measures have achieved marked results. China has probed boldly in recent years and the efforts are coming to fruition. But at the same time, there are still some problems that people think little of precaution and try anything when they are in a desperate situation. Education and society have not played deserved pole. What's more, society has negative influence to a certain extent. The article summes up the current situation and also makes comparisons of network addiction control strategy among China and foreign countries by means of analyzing characteristics of the strategy of foreign countries. Then it makes feasible recommendations of network addiction for Chinese teenagers.

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GeJian Ding,Danping Xuan,"Comparative Research of Network Addiction Control Strategy among China and foreign countries", IJEME, vol.3, no.1, pp.49-54, 2013.


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