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IJEME Vol.3, No.1, Jan. 2013

A Teaching Model Application in the Course of Information Security

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Chunyan Qiu,Wei Zhao,Jianhua Jiang,Jialing Han

Index Terms

Information security;schema theory;computer teaching


With the rapid development of economy, information Security is becoming more and more important for any modern organization in recent years. Therefore, How to teach information security is a challenge to universities. This paper aims to apply schema theory to information security curriculum. The teaching result shows that there is a significant difference in final exam and practice exam between the proposed model and a regular teaching model.

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Chunyan Qiu,Wei Zhao,Jianhua Jiang,Jialing Han,"A Teaching Model Application in the Course of Information Security", IJEME, vol.3, no.1, pp.14-20, 2013.


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