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IJEME Vol.3, No.1, Jan. 2013

The Thought and Practice in Teaching Reform of “Soil Mechanics”

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Shi-min Zhang,Gang Wei,Shi-xia Zhang,Xing-jiang Wei

Index Terms

Soil mechanics;teacher-student interaction;materials;job layout;attendance innovation


In this paper, we introduce the computer, a multifaceted tool that can be benefit to teachers and students in many different ways. The computer can be used in education in three basic ways: as a teacher, as a learner, and as an assistant. While the computer can do a lot, it isn’t right for everything. In teaching and learning , as in model building, it is important to know when and how to use available tools appropriately.

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Shi-min Zhang,Gang Wei,Shi-xia Zhang,Xing-jiang Wei,"The Thought and Practice in Teaching Reform of “Soil Mechanics”", IJEME, vol.3, no.1, pp.55-59, 2013.


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